Oh hai! Here are a couple of common questions we get asked over and over again. If you’re curious about anything, feel free to ask!

Q: What theme do you use?
A: We use a custom WordPress theme that Mike designed specifically for Talk Money 2020. You can see past I am a Food Blog themes here & here, and here.

Q: Who is Steph?
A: Food and cute obsessed, recipe creator and tester, voice, and b-roll photographer, Mike’s one true love.

Q: Who is Mike?
A: The photography and lighting expert, chief taste-tester, Steph’s one true love.

Q: Who shoots the photos?
A: Mike, usually, but sometimes Steph will hop in 🙂

Q: Which lens do you use?
A: We switch between a 35mm 1.820mm 1.8, and 85mm 1.8.

Q: Do you shoot in natural light?
A: 98% of the photos are shot with artificial light. We have an SB500 and we LOVE it. The other 2%, the travel shots, are shot in natural light.

Q: Do you Instagram?
A: YES! You can follow us here.

Q: What’s your cooking style/food philosophy?
A: Steph – I like simple, delicious, honest food. Most of my recipes are straight-forward and don’t have fussy ingredients. That being said, LOVE combining different foods together. Some very I am a Food Blog recipes are: Crab Rangoon Deviled EggsBanh Mi TacosOkonomiyaki Burgers, and Mac and Cheese Pie. I use a lot of Asian flavors, partially due to nostalgia and partially because they are just so darn delicious.

A: Mike – trashy, drunk food that is obviously too messy to eat but you’re gonna do it anyway because it’s that good.

Q: Are you that girl that…?
A: Yup, I cooked, Mike photographed, and we ate through the entire Momofuku cookbook! It was a delicious ride. You can read all about our adventures at MM42.

Q: Can I use your images and recipes on my site?
A: We work really hard to provide unique content. All of the content and images are copyrighted, which means you need permission to use them. If you want to share a recipe please limit yourself to one image and link back to iamafoodblog.com or to the post directly. If you’d like to repost the recipe on your site, please re-write it so it’s in your own words. When in doubt, just send an email to ask. Thank you!

Q: How can I reach you?
A: You can contact us right here!